tug and go the better made firehose dog toys

Eliminating frustrated owners by eliminating frustrated pets.

  1. American-made or selectively sourced.
  2. Veteran / firefighter owned

Durable dog toys

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15 day unconditional one time toy replacement....If at any time within the first 15 days you are unsatisfied with your purchase simply return the toy to P.O.Box 320042 west Roxbury MA 02132.

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Tug And Go fire tested pet approved

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Tug And Go durable Firehose dog toys!

All firehose toys are made out of 100% decontaminated repurposed structural firehose

All fire hose used in toy production undergoes decontamination in much the same way as our personal protective equipment.... multi-day submerging accompanied by industrial machine cleaning.

Durable interactive toys

Toy design and construction is of paramount importance when providing a safe durable engaging interactive toy.

Tug And Go repurposed firehose dog toys do just that!

 experience for yourself how a well designed handcrafted dog toy stimulates and engages human and pet alike...*producing an ever strengthening Bond between pet and human!*

Benefits of tug-of-war for healthy dog development

Simply the Best handmade dog toy on the market

Created to solve the problem of waste♻and wasted time.⏱Spend more time playing and less time shopping.

If used properly Tug And Go repurposed firehose dog toys will provide hours of engaging play... soft tug toys are not chew toys and are not suitable for unsupervised play. Tug toys are designed for interactive play which in turn expends energy provides training and strengthens the bond between owner and pet.

Tug And Go Super Chews

Tug And Go Super Chews are a virtually indestructible soft chew toy designed for safety and durability. Super chews are a balance of durability and give which is needed to protect sensitive teeth and gums. Super Chews are constructed of a single piece of repurposed structural firehose stitched closed at both ends doubled over and fasten with Industrial leather saddle stitching.

15 day one-time toy replacement

Shop with confidence get yours today and become the hero your pet deserves.

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Fire tested pet approved

Thank you to all the people who have helped me create a truly one-of-a-kind pet product.

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Feel free to take Part in the creative process.

The road to Excellence must never be traveled alone feel free to comment.

Tug And Go The better made firehose dog toy

Eliminating fustrated owners by eliminating fustrated pets!

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